Documentation Services


Based on research, existing development materials and documents and in cooperation with the developers on-site we produce installation, user, maintenance and other manuals, technical specifications, product brochures as well as data sheets; we also describe software applications, hardware products and various installations.

We would like to mention our long-standing collaboration with companies like Siemens AG Österreich, Kapsch AG and IBM Österreich.

Based on the existing documentation we write helpsets for software applications. We also offer updates of existing help systems in consultation with our customers as well as their localisation into various foreign languages.

As we always try to offer our customers complete solutions our service portfolio also includes assistance in projects involving layout of documentation whereby one of the major factors is maintenance of the corporate image.

Some of our documentation projects

2000 - 2002:Siemens project "FMS" complete documentation incl. online help (English)

1999 - 2005:Siemens AG; various feature descriptions (English)

2001 - 2002: Siemens AG; various feature descriptions (English)

2001 - 2002: IBM SCWB User Guide (English)

2002, 2003, 2006: Herold - Online help content (German & English)

2004 - 2006: Siemens project "Teambase" (German & English)

2007: Otto Bock GmbH - technical documentation (German)

2006 - 2007:Kapsch CarrierCom AG: various user manuals for a VoIP solution (English)

We support you all the way along the road to success.