Translations & Localisations


Besides linguistic competence, technical knowledge is a vital prerequisite for our activities.

Our translators and editors have the necessary technical background, and we can call upon specialists and experts to ensure effective
problem solving.

Through our experience and expertise, and constant attention to innovations, we can offer customer-specific solutions and ensure
continuity, whereby quality is always the first priority.

It is imperative that our customers receive the right product, and we are well aware that translation involves more than simple conversion of content into another language. We can look back on more than 15 years of experience with documentation and the translation of technical, legal and business texts.

We offer translation services in and from all European and many Asian languages. In collaboration with our partners in Austria, the European Union, the Middle East and the USA, we carefully select the right team your project.

Some of our translation projects

  • since 1997: various WAMAS projects (various languages)
  • since 1999: various Siemens projects (various languages)
  • 2000-2001: MLine Vetriebs- und Produktions AG: continuous translation of various product descriptions (German, English, Polish)
  • since 2002: Brucha GmbH - various technical documents (various languages)
  • since 2004: Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH & Raiffeisen Informatik Consulting GmbH - various technical and legal documents; (various languages)
  • 2005: Bundesasylamt (Austrian Federal Asylum Office) - translation of various documents in over 35 different languages
  • 2005: daily translation of weather forecasts into English and French for ZAMG during Austrian EU Presidency
  • since 2007: Raiffeisen Leasing GmbH - translation of various documents
  • since 2008: Bundesasylamt (Austrian Federal Asylum Office) - translation of various documents in over 40 different languages
  • since 2008: BEWAG - translation of various documents
  • ...


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